New Release – Seven Point Eight: The Second Chronicle

The second novel in my ‘Seven Point Eight’ series has just been released, and will be on tour through Tour de Codex until January 17th, then through Goddess Fish Promotions commencing the 21st January. I’d like to share an introduction to the series, and an excerpt…

The Seven Point Eight Chronicles
‘The Truth Will Set You Free’

Written in the style of a TV series, Seven Point Eight draws together quantum physics, psychic powers, alternate dimensions, time travel, past lives, ancient wisdom, and conspiracy in a soap opera for the soul.

It’s the ideal read for lovers of sci-fi, contemporary fantasy, the paranormal, metaphysics, ‘Lost’, ‘Fringe’, ‘Touch’, and Dan Brown books.

Seven Point Eight: The Second Chronicle
‘What Goes Around, Comes Around’

Second Chronicle Final Kindle Cover

In the second instalment of the five part Seven Point Eight series, the legacy of the OOBE project weighs heavily on the conscience of Dr. Paul Eldridge. Tahra Mamoun needs to muster all her courage and venture back into the alternate dimensions of reality. Through a series of challenging, surreal and frightening experiences, she comes to comprehend the destructive power she can yield and must face her own demons in the process.

Paul continues his quest to understand the ancient knowledge of the cosmos, while dark forces seek to hijack his research to further a secret agenda. With their lives in jeopardy, Paul and Tahra confront their enemies against an international backdrop featuring the pyramids of Giza and the peaks of Switzerland.

Meanwhile, Sam and Ava endeavour to uncover their past, even though it may irrevocably change their lives.

In a tale of courage and tragedy, love and betrayal, their lives are interwoven around the demons of one man, Max Richardson, who’ll stop at nothing to achieve his objectives.

Seven Point Eight: The Second Chronicle
Excerpt 3 – Tahra in the Arena

Through an archway to the left of me, a figure I barely recognised emerged. Her energy body was dark like old red wine and her limp hair hung around her sallow face, accentuating her black eyes, and the dark circles beneath them. She looked emaciated, and her energy body appeared scarred and somewhat distorted. I realised in horror who this sad creature may be.
She didn’t respond to her name, and at that moment, I felt simply confused.
“This isn’t Emile,” I protested.
The torture master relished my shock and disbelief.
“Oh, but it is. I promised you Emilie, and Emile you have.”
I felt out of body tears well up in my eyes in frustration.
“You lied, this isn’t Emilie. You tricked me into returning, coming back here for nothing. You cheated!”
He laughed, and I hated him for his sense of superiority.
“As I said, let’s hope there’s still something for you to save.”
She walked over to me, but not in friendship or as someone pleased to see me. Her red pupils locked onto mine, an unexpected deep hatred for me lurking behind her eyes.
“What have you done to her?” I asked the torture master.
He grinned again, and I wished I could knock the smile off his face as it made me feel nauseous.
“We have merely shown her the power that comes from pain. Pain cuts deep; it reaches our innermost fears and desires. You should hope that Emilie does not carry any grudges against you, what lies in the subconscious will now emerge, to be gloriously embraced.”
At this point, I began to worry.
The background noise in the arena quietened now, as if someone had rapidly turned down the volume control. I couldn’t back out, however disgusted I felt with the whole thing. While the torture master hadn’t been entirely truthful, I still had no choice, because there was a chance, the smallest chance that there was something worth saving.
A rumbling sound filled the air and as it reached a crescendo, I distinctly heard a drum roll. Looking around for the drummer, I eventually spotted a giant skull with the top cut off. Skin had been stretched over the space, and one of the thresher dwarves beat it with all four arms.
Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!
He struck it hard, and the vibrations reached into my extra-dimensional bones.
Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!
The audience banged their staffs on the ground, in time to the rhythm.
Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!
“Let the first rite begin,” the torture master said. “This is the essence of rivalry and competition. It is a battle to attain dominion with the utmost violence, and subjugate the opponent into a painful submission. The rite will teach you to give and receive the ecstasy of pain, so that you may taste its fruits for the first time.”
I didn’t want to fight Emilie, but to get her out of here I had no other option. Someone threw an array of weapons into the arena: spiked clubs, long spears, skewers, long and circular saw blades, leather gloves studded with razor blades, spiked knuckle dusters, and hooked knives. She almost salivated over the selection of implements, while I looked at them in horror.
“Fight!” came the call.

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I’ll be posting articles about UFOs, the supernatural, and ancient wisdom on my blog, some of which relate to the theory behind Seven Point Eight.

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Award for Seven Point Eight: The First Chronicle

Seven Point Eight: The First Chronicle became a Semi-Finalist in the Kindle Book Review’s Best Indie Books of 2012 competition! Yippee!

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Does A Great Book Always Need A Happy Ending?

We all know the proverbial scenario; girl falls in love with boy, cowboy rides off into the sunset and the bad guy is defeated, followed by much rejoicing in the land. But, is a happy ending an essential ingredient for a great book or movie?

Lindsay Doran, film producer and missionary for mood-elevating movies got to the heart of that question in a recently published article. Many of her conclusions relate to the world of books too. While she didn’t want to create a rigid formula for a great movie, she wanted to challenge the Hollywood notion that a movie is only art if it ends badly and that you’ll only win an award if you write about misery.

One of her chief findings was that what audiences care about most are relationships and the positive resolution of them, so not so much the character winning, but sharing that accomplishment with a significant other. An example of this would be ‘The King’s Speech’, in which he conquers his stammer then shares the victory with his wife, daughters and the cheering crowds.

There is value in a story with a feel good factor; it’s a quick fix, a literary or visual form of Prozac. Indeed, laughter trumps any drug but personally, I think the temporary lift in mood is soon forgotten. For a story with a lasting impression, there are other elements involved. Remember, in ‘Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince’, Dumbledore dies. In ‘Titanic’, 1500 passengers go down with the ship and then Jack doesn’t make it either. As author Nike Marshall astutely puts it, ‘happy endings can be cliché and diminish the impact of the story. Less than happy is more believable’. Appropriate is a key word, concluding a story with a satisfactory, even less than ideal event or series of events. As author Emerald Barnes surmises, ‘Some stories don’t have the option of having a happy ending’.

As readers, we can engage with the lives of the characters and the conflicts, challenges and successes they encounter. We relate to other people to learn how they deal with these difficulties, as if it’s a kind of virtual reality simulation. This is one of the reasons soaps are so popular. The way a book ends is also a reflection on how we’d either like a situation to conclude, or a healthy scepticism in knowing ‘that’s life, what will be will be’.

‘Life is made up of pleasurable and horrific experiences and there’s nothing wrong with a book or movie telling a story that shines a light on our failures’.

Denise DeSio, author of ‘Roses’s Will’

As human beings, we like closure, to be able to shut the door on something, to file it away as a success or failure. This may be one of the reasons why cliff hanger endings in serials can be risky in the book world, because we don’t like situations in our own life to be unresolved.  Therefore, it’s important to strike a balance between wrapping up one phase while creating a lead to where the story will take the reader next. Season finales in TV series craft this well.

In the writing world, it’s always stated ‘show, don’t tell’ and this can tailor a beautiful conclusion where the reader is given the satisfaction of finality, yet their imagination is given the licence to create what happens next. As science fiction author, Glenn Scrimshaw puts it, ‘the legend of King Arthur works so well at that; a bitter sweet ending but the promise of Arthur’s return when needed.’

What everything is leading to is, in fact, the emotional involvement of the reader in the final moments of a story. Look back at the sadness of the death of Dumbledore, a character that readers were very attached to, or the tragedy of the huge loss of life in ‘Titanic’. As author Carlyle Labuschagne states, ‘I like drama and feeling like my heart is about to explode with sorrow’.

What we really want as readers, therefore, is a powerful climax after the build-up as opposed to a puft! The engagement of powerful emotions can leave a far greater impact on a reader than a chocolate box ending. There is something so compelling about tales of misery, because we all experience loss, even abuse in our lives or those close to us. Through a story, we can release that sadness in a positive way and observe how characters deal with their challenges. I believe there’s another factor at work too, it’s a quality called resilience. A character who survives loss, abuse or tragedy may be far more inspiring than the traditional, commercial hero because it sends a powerful signal that infuses us to endure – ‘Whatever life throws at me, I’m still here. Bring it on!’

Next post: Do Characters Always Have To Be Consistent?


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Interview With Cover Girl, Monique Candelaria

Please introduce yourself.

Hi, my name is Monique Kathleen Candelaria. I was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico February 11, 1987 and about 6 months after, my father joined the Army. We were stationed in Bremerhaven, Germany but in 1990, we were moved back to the States, residing in Springs, Colorado. In 1992 my father had a brain aneurysm, making him a 100% disabled veteran so we moved back to our home state and I have lived in New Mexico ever since.

In a nutshell, I am enthusiastic, ambitious, goal oriented, determined, and creative. When I am creating, whether I am singing, acting, dancing, drawing, writing, modelling etc, you will find me in my most favourable state of happiness.

I decided long ago that if I can survive doing the things I love then that is exactly what I will do. What can I say? I am an optimistic person that reaches for the stars.

What key films/TV shows have you been involved with in the last few years?

Three of the major films that I was cast in are: “Bless Me, Ultima”, a New Mexican period piece directed by Carl Franklin; “Ten Year” where I play the role of “Amy Lee” and “The Banshee Chapter”, as “Patient 14.” Both “Bless Me, Ultima” and “Ten Year” should be coming out at the end of 2011 and “The Banshee Chapter” should come out at the end of next year.  So, from being a 1940’s prostitute, to a modern day hot chic, to being an experiment gone terribly wrong, I have had the pleasure of embodying characters that have created great memories I want to keep forever.

What’s your favourite genre to work in and why?

My favourite genre to work in is supernatural suspense. I have always considered myself a very strong person physically and mentally, but the idea of an entity, demon or outside intelligent force shutting down my defence mechanisms not only ignites fear in me, but makes me want to find new ways to fight and conquer my unseen enemies, by understanding and exploring the unknown. As an actor, playing a character that is being attacked and allowing your body and mind to enter this vulnerable state is an experience that is overwhelming. In a strange way, it awakens the senses to see the world in a new light.

Regarding ‘Seven Point Eight’ and the character, Tahra that you posed for… in what ways are you similar to her and how do you differ?

Now I am incapable of astral projection, but in my moments of fear I found that by singing to myself, I could close my eyes and create other worlds that would soothe my soul. Eventually, I learned that by singing I could manipulate the emotions of others as well. I could make people feel joy and deep sadness. People recognized me for this ability and that is how I began singing at weddings and funerals. Like Tahra, I found that my abilities were one part of me that no one could take away. So I perfected my skills and allowed them to grow in every way, shape and form. I found that no matter what art form I dabbled in, I could move people internally whether I was singing, acting, dancing, modelling, writing, or drawing. My talents, as well as Tahra’s, are not just gifts but a defence mechanism. It makes us who we are and we would die without it.

I think she knows the effect she has on people but I do not think she understands the extent of her abilities. Do I see myself this way? Well… lol… okay. So yes, I would say I am sexual by nature. When I feel like I am doing absolutely nothing, others see me as being seductive and alluring. Anyhow, I have accepted that I cannot erase the characteristics that people see, but as an actress I have learned to control and manipulate them enough so that people are not completely distracted by it. This has allowed me to obtain different acting roles and see myself grow as an artist.

Perhaps Tahra, as a child feeling utterly alone in the world, she developed a need to be close to the familiar and those that she felt loved by. I feel that Tahra as an adult needs to feel loved by someone, anyone. Is her love real? I believe she wants it to be, but I see it as fake… I’m a lone wolf. I have many acquaintances and very few close friends. I like being alone to do all the things I love and avoid unnecessary distractions. Love for me is an idea, not a sweeping passion. I have yet to be blown away or swept off my feet. I see other females and they fall in and out of love so easily. In truth I envy this ability. I don’t know that I will ever truly understand.

What’s your dream film/TV role?

I have sooooo many!!!!!  But I suppose if I have to choose I would be in a film like Underworld and play the character of the vampire warrior Selene. It’s action, fantasy, and thriller all tied into one! My kind of movie!

As a finish to this interview I want to thank you, Marie, for allowing me to be a part of your masterpiece. This journey with you has been an honour, privilege and an overall experience I will never forget. How you found me in Albuquerque, NM is beyond me, but I thank God that you did. Continue to work on everything your heart desires and may life bring you happiness and joy.

Monique Candelaria can be found on and Facebook.


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Release of 2nd Edition of ‘The First Chronicle’

Coming in February 2012….

‘Seven Point Eight: The First Chronicle’ gets updated to a 2nd edition. Why a 2nd edition you may ask?

  • As it’s being adapted to a TV script, this new edition synchronises with this format.
  • My book draws a lot of interest from YA readers, so the material is being edited to be suitable for ages from approximately 15 years onwards.
  • The general pacing has been improved and some of the scientific elements have been further clarified.
  • There’ll be a few extras in there, such as an interview with the actress on the cover and the ebook will carry additional material.
  • It will also carry the promo blurb for ‘The Second Chronicle’.

The new edition will be released onto the Kindle Store first, and the paperback edition will update at the end of February.

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Meet a Seven Point Eight Character – Dr Paul Eldridge

Being part of a major five part epic is no mean feat, but Dr Paul Eldridge took time out adventuring in The First Chronicle to discuss his role in the book.

Name: Dr Paul Eldridge. I have a PhD in Quantum Physics, hence the Dr prefix.

D.O.B/Star sign: 21st February 1921. I’m not a great believer in astrology but my star sign is Pisces, identical to my favourite scientist, Albert Einstein.

Celebrity/person lookalike: Some people say I resemble the contemporary actor, Michael Fassbender.

Profession: I’m both a physicist and a university lecturer, although the latter I’ve only been so for a few years.  I’ve been a researcher in residence working for Max Richardson at The Establishment and The Institute although now I’m managing my own ground-breaking project.

Qualities: As a child prodigy, I’m not exaggerating if I describe myself as intelligent. My students always looked up to me so I would say I have a degree of charisma and good leadership qualities. I value investigation and breaking boundaries, I’m not afraid to be bold. It’s been pointed out I’m somewhat impetuous; maybe, I’m enthusiastic and driven although I don’t see myself as reckless. However, it’s difficult to be objective when describing yourself.

Likes: Albert Einstein, physics, science, the cosmos, space exploration… you get the gist. Spiritual matters draw my interest too. I also enjoy the outdoors, horse riding and the occasional pint of fine ale.

Dislikes: Narrow-mindedness, negativity, people who treat others with disrespect, not being able to follow my dreams.

What is your mission, or your dreams/ambitions in the book? My overall dream is to become an important and ground-breaking scientist, so when Max Richardson presented me with an opportunity to research at his facility, it seemed too good to be true. I began searching for evidence of the human soul but life has a way of dictating one’s destiny at times and I soon became involved in some research with military applications. However, a down phase in my life and a few enlightening moments later, I was able to pursue a project more to my liking, one I could direct. It truly opened my eyes and changed my concept of reality forever.

Which is your favourite scene in the book and why? I would have to say the latter scenes in the book, because the worlds that I saw and the entities I encountered changed my life. It was such a surreal yet visually beautiful experience that touched me in a very profound way.

Which did you find the most challenging scene and why? Definitely the last scenes in the book! But I don’t want to supply a spoiler. I do get the distinct feeling that I’m going to get a rough ride in the Second Chronicle though. Apart from the end, I found my time researching at The Establishment very challenging, in that although I derived a great deal of academic satisfaction from it, the experience encouraged a much darker side of my personality. In retrospect, that decade of my life was like a fairground ride, in that you jumped onboard in the knowledge that it was going to be exciting, yet you didn’t really know what lay in store. Along the way were highs and lows, exhilaration and apprehension, but you’d never want to get off until the ride drew to a halt.

Can you tell us about the relationships between yourself and the two other main characters of your time, Max and Tahra? You find in life there are people you really like yet don’t respect; the opposite is true with Max. I have the utmost respect and gratitude for him due to the opportunities he gave to me, but as a person… he’s not truly likeable or a great friend, and his morals are questionable but he’s fascinating. He has a way of drawing you into his world and making you a part of it whether you like it or not. I never really knew him though, he gives so little away and is intensely private in many ways.

Tahra, however, has a great personality, plus she’s extraordinarily talented. I’m indebted to her for the experiences she brought into my life, my project owes everything to her. She’s intelligent and gifted, courageous, supportive and kind, what more can I say?

Many thanks, Paul for dropping by.


Leave a comment on this post and you’ll be entered into a draw for a free kindle/PDF copy of ‘Seven Point Eight: The First Chronicle 2ND EDITION‘, hot off the press. Contest runs until the 24th January.


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The Day The Sun Stopped Shining – Character Profile ‘Susie Q’

After Randy Lafitte departed, Susie Q breezed into the building…

Since my book is filled with short stories, this is the profile from “Surf Mama”

Character name:  Surf Mama’s daughter, Susie Q
Celebrity/person lookalike: Gidget, but taller (a young Diane Keaton)
Book(s) featured in: Flash Warden and Other Stories
Star sign: Virgo
Profession: 2nd grader-to college student
Qualities: Beautiful, smart, athletic, but very insecure

Likes: Ocean, being outside, reading
Dislikes: Getting less than an A, being ignored at home, eating vegan before it was a movement. Surf Mama was a hippie before there were hippies!

1. What is your mission, or your dreams/ambitions in the book? I want a top notch university acceptance, but more than that, to increase my importance on my mom’s radar.
2. Which is your favourite scene in the book and why? I like the scene in the elevator because Susie shows what she learned from her mom.
3. Which was the most challenging scene in the book and why? The opening scene was the hardest because surfing is a foreign culture to a lot of people.
4. After your experience in the book, how do you think you’ve grown as a person? I have learned a lot about things in my childhood and my teen years that make more sense now.

5. Could you give us an overview of the book? Flash Warden and Other Stories brings Flash Fiction (1000 words or fewer) into the spotlight with memorable characters like Surf Mama and Pippi in “Anniversary.”

Susie Q is the creation of author, Eileen Granfors, who is a retired English teacher. She  enrolled in the UCLA Writer’s Program within 24 hours of her official retirement. She has two novels published, an anthology of short stories, and an anthology of poetry. She is working on a final draft of Sydney’s Story, a prequel to A Tale of Two Cities.

Visit my website/blog at (

Follow me on Twitter (@EGranfors)

You can purchase my book at

1 paperback copy of Flash Warden will be given away in this blog tour. Just add yourself as a follower to my blog and vote for your favorite cover on my web page. Leave your email on the Flash Warden page with the words “Sun Tour.” Very important as I am doing two blog tours in December.


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The Day The Sun Stopped Shining – Character Profile ‘Randy A. Lafitte’

After Raven Blackheart needed to attend to some business, Randy A. Lafitte dropped by…

Character name: Randy A. Lafitte

Celebrity/person lookalike: A bald Dennis Quaid
Book(s) featured in: One Blood by Qwantu Amaru
D.O.B./Age/Star sign: 8/3/1945 /57 /Leo
Profession: Governor of Louisiana
Qualities: Leadership, charisma, charm, silently anxious, secretive, manipulative, sociopathic, Machiavellian
Likes: Power, getting my way, travel, the occult, outwitting/out-thinking enemies, the city of New Orleans
Dislikes: Indecisiveness, anyone who opposes him, roses, white kids who act like black kids (Wiggers), black athletes, black leaders

1. What is your mission, or your dreams/ambitions in the book? In this book I am clearly playing the hero. I must save my daughter from a group of black militants called the Black Mob led by that lunatic and Nat Turner wannabe  Panama X. They kidnap her trying to force me to pardon Lincoln Baker, the gang banger who killed my son ten years ago! But I have a few tricks up my sleeve for them. Randy Lafitte doesn’t roll over and take it. I’m a fighter, always have been and always will be.

2. Which is your favourite scene in the book and why? My performance at the end of the book was especially powerful. I have finally accepted my duty and responsibility and I must set things right to make up for my past mistakes. Plus, I have to do all this with a bullet hole in the back of my jaw…don’t ask!

3. Which was the most challenging scene in the book and why? Definitely having to see the videos sent to me of my daughter being possessed by some voodoo spirit with the eyes of my dead son. It got pretty real during that scene. The fear you feel coming from me wasn’t acting…it was real!

4. After your experience in the book, how do you think you’ve grown as a person? You know, I have finally come to accept who I am. I’d been in denial for many many years and the events of the book forced me to take a hard look at myself and finally settle into my own skin.
5. Could you give us an overview of the book? One Blood is about a voodoo curse tormenting a group of people unaware of their hidden connections. If you loved The Witching Hour by Anne Rice or IT by Stephen King, you will love this book!

Randy A. Lafitte is the creation of author, Qwantu Amaru, who has been writing since the age of 11. An avid reader, he has always aspired to write suspenseful page turners and socially significant literature like those of his writing influences Richard Wright, Anne Rice, Harper Lee, Walter Mosley, Tananarive Due and Stephen King. Qwantu draws his inspiration from his modest upbringing in small towns and cities across the US. In addition to his first novel, ONE BLOOD, Qwantu has published six volumes of poetry. Qwantu currently resides in Jersey City, NJ.

Visit my website/blog at (link)
Follow me on Twitter (@ your name) @onebloodbook
You can purchase my book at (links) and

Will give a Free e-book away to anyone who shares my website on their Facebook page or tweets the One Blood buy-link to their following!


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The Day The Sun Stopped Shining – Character Profile ‘Raven Blackheart’

After Ty continued the search for his brother, Raven Blackheart entered the building…

Character name: Raven Blackheart
Celebrity/person lookalike: Rachel Luttrell. Think, a darker haired more cynical Teyla from Stargate Atlantis
Book(s) featured in: Cimmerian City & A Feast of Shadows
D.O.B./Age/Star sign: December 13, 1976/23 years old (Til death)
Profession: Student turned assassin turned hero
Qualities: Super human strength and speed, soft spot for those in need, inquisitive, stubborn, snarky at times, developing talent for hypnokinesis, sai sword wrangler
Likes: Breakfast, chocolate, freedom, blood (after the change), Russell Li, City life
Dislikes: Corruption, Injustice, Tyler Deamond, Corporations

1. What is your mission, or your dreams/ambitions in the book? A nice little house of my own. Quiet living and to settle down. Now that I’m awake, let’s get serious. After my real dreams were taken away from me by the very people I trusted, I want to stop the Tech Corp from destroying Earth. Between you and me, I’m scared of the potential losses but it has to be done. If I won’t do it, no one else will. If we’re still standing and if there’s an Earth after all of this, we’ll revisit the fancy dreams deal in the future.
2. Which is your favourite scene in the book and why? When I got to shoot the man who took everything away from me. No, seriously. It felt good. I didn’t realize what I had done until later but it felt so liberating. It may not have been the wise thing to do and of course I could do without the ensuing fugitive thing that we have to deal with now…
3. Which was the most challenging scene in the book and why? Fighting Jeremy after the massacre. The old me, the one who went crazy pummeling that man during my first training session (if you could call it that), would have tore the guy apart on the spot. After my real training with…well, I shouldn’t reveal the guy since its best he stay in hiding. After my real training, I pitied him and wouldn’t have made it out alive if it weren’t for Russell.
4. After your experience in the book, how do you think you’ve grown as a person? I’m no longer afraid to be in this new world of 2015. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still crazy with your fancy automatic driving, cities in the clouds, monorail trains that float, blood sucking creatures that were once humans (I guess I qualify description but I digress) and no sun. Not to mention the death of a governing body. Shocking…but in some ways expected. I’m getting used to it. At least there’s a slim chance of me shooting someone else on the spot now. Unless they piss me off, then I can’t be responsible for what may happen next.

5. Could you give us an overview of the book? Greed can turn a good man’s heart to stone. This is especially true in the age of commerce and large corporations. No new pill can be taken without a laundry list of side effects that the patient may have to endure. But what if the side effects are more dangerous than the pills are helpful? What if the side effect causes the patient to be immune from standard dangers, such as firearms, the climate, etc., but causes them to change into otherworldly beings?

Imagine waking up in a futuristic world where corporations are the new aristocracy.

Imagine dying as a human . . . and waking up as something else.

Hey, thanks for this interview by the way. Got my mind off some heavy things I’ve been dealing with lately. It’s not easy trying to stop the world from ending.

Raven Blackheart is the creation of author, Rae Lori. Throughout her writing career, Rae has written comic book and film related articles which have appeared in online publications such as Comic Stack, Suite101, CinemaGap and Dark Moon Rising. A fan of David Lynch and Alfred Hitchcock’s visual styles, Rae also has a love for film, vampires and visual storytelling which she couples with the art of the written word to tell her stories. Rae makes her home in the Southwest US where she pens her stories and works as a graphic designer.

Visit my website/blog at (link) &
Follow me on Twitter @RaeLori
You can purchase my book at (links):

I’m giving away a copy of Cimmerian City ebook to two winners.




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The Day The Sun Stopped Shining – Character Profile ‘Ty’

Now that Esperanzo has returned to The Manicheans, Ty has entered the building…

Character name: Ty
Celebrity/person lookalike: Macaulay Culkin from Home Alone 2, Ty is a young boy lost in a strange and magical land, like Macaulay lost in the jungle of NY.
Book(s) featured in: Nebulous
Age: 10 years old
Profession: Big brother
Qualities: Headstrong and stubborn, great swimmer
Likes: Swimming and tormenting his brother
Dislikes: Losing

1. What is your mission, or your dreams/ambitions in the book? My goal is to save my younger brother Xavier from the evil Queen Joro of Nebulous.  It’s not an easy journey either, the land is filled with many obstacles, wondrous creatures and mischievous spirits.
2. Which is your favorite scene in the book and why? When I meet Bake.  He is a special creature, who turns out to be my first and best friend in Nebulous.  Without him, I probably would have failed early in my quest.
3. Which was the most challenging scene in the book and why? Entering Kami forest for the first time by myself.  I was told even the most despicable creatures in Nebulous won’t go there, so I was more scared than I’ve ever been.
4. After your experience in the book, how do you think you’ve grown as a person?  I’ve faced my fears and learned something about myself.  Also, I’ve learned that the love and will of the human spirit is a powerful force!

5. Could you give us an overview of the book? When I followed the shadowy figure carrying my brother into a mysterious light, I woke up in a strange land.  What followed would soon become the greatest adventure of a lifetime.  Follow me as I make my way through Nebulous to rescue my brother Xavier from the evil Queen Joro before the dreaded moon ceremony.  Along the way I meet wondrous creatures both good and bad, dangerous obstacles and many unknown spirits of Nebulous.  Will I make it to the Queen’s castle in time to save Xavier?

Ty is the creation of author, Keith Weaver. Keith lives in Bettendorf, IA with his wife and two boys.  He enjoys many things besides writing; such as sports, movies and music.  When not working or writing, he likes to workout doing various MMA art forms and play basketball.  Spending time with his family and taking the boys to movies is a weekend favorite.  Nothing helps him relax like good music, whether listening while working out, relaxing at home or writing.

Visit my website/blog at:

Follow me on Twitter (@drmweave2501)

You can purchase my book in various formats, all links here:

I will be giving away a paperback copy of Nebulous, as well as my first book The Nefarious, and will also be giving away an ebook copy of each as well.

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